"A Message to the 21st Century from 345 Meters Under the Sea"

For the TV ASAHI documentary "Battleship Yamato: Honor Under The Sea", a replica of the wreckage needed to be made, to demonstrate the ship arrangement for television. A 1/350 scale recreation of the huge battleship Yamato was made. Armed with plastic board and a whole lot of putty, the capable modeling hands at Tamiya Model Company. rolled up their sleeves for big-scale modeling action.

Images taken from dive-subs and historical data were used in the construction of this 1/350 scale diorama.

The diorama measured 90x90cm. Plywood was cut into curved pieces and stacked up in layers to recreate undulations in the sea floor.

Because the main turret had fallen off the ship and lay upside down on the sea floor, it was necessary to model the turret ring and other exposed parts.

After positioning the sunken battleship on the sea floor base, huge amounts of putty were used to detail the sea bed.

The partitions inside the ruptured hull were recreated with plastic board.

The sketches and notes of Yamato expert, Mr. Yukio Mizuno were used as reference for the sculpting of the sunken battleship.

Detailed advice and a final check were provided by Mr. Mizuno.

After applying a base-coat of reddish brown paint to the Yamato, the brightness was gradated with a second coat of gray.

The Final completed work.

The Final completed work.

The Final completed work.

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