"Battleship Yamato sleeps in the ocean, with honor and glory of a legend"

Images from the TV ASAHI documentary "Battleship Yamato: Honor Under The Sea", ASAHI publication "Complete records of the Battleship Yamato from the bottom of the ocean", Asahi Publication "100 scale Battleship Yamato" and from the weekly ASAHI publication "Asahigraph 10.8.1999".

1 2

1 "Ocean Voyager' prepares to leave Tanegashima Iriomote harbor on the "Yamato 99" exploration mission.
2 Former crew and mission representatives toss dedication bouquets over the exact place Yamato was sunk.

3 4

3 Dive boat "Jules" is lowered into the sea from the "Ocean Voyager".
4 Dive boat "Jules" prepares to examine Battleship Yamato.

5 6

5 Imperial Crest on the bow of Yamato.
6 Imperial Crest and Forward mast on bow of Yamato.

7 8

7 Bulbous bow protruding from sandy bottom.
8 Upper bridge section.

9 10

9 Upper Bridge section with exterior spotter platform..
10 Main Gun optical dome with portion of radar girder protruding.

11 12

11 The top of the upside down main turret number one.
12 Main turret number one, upside down, peering through lower deck entry points.

13 14

13 Looking through "Jules" window at upside down turret number one.
14 Looking at cieling of lower deck entry way of upside down turret number one, shells everywhere.

15 16

15 Closer look at interior of turret number one
16 Submersable "Jim" entering barbet for turret number one.

17 18

17 Inside barbet for turret number one.
18 12.7 Centimeter anti-aircraft crew sheild.

19 20

19 25mm anti-aircraft, triple barrel gun crew shield, with remnants of gun barrels.
20 25mm shells and casing with damaged metal carrying case.

21 22

21 Thought to be a portion of the hull, bottom side, X type reinforcement.
22 A forward positioned searchlight.

23 24

23 Docking tie-off, starboard side.
24 Thought to be one of the type N engines gear transamission block.

25 26

25 One of four bridge signaling lamps.
26 Starbord main deck portal with cylindrical intake filters.

27 28

27 Part of main turret number three
28 Base intake of the starboard side of main bridge.

29 30

29 Three point mast for wireless communication, was aft of main bridge
30 Aircraft catapult launcher.

31 32

31 Base of screw shaft.
32 Submersable "Jim"

33 34

33 One of three intact screws
34 Submersable looking at screw

35 36

35 Some of the eighty-two items recovered from the sea floor
36 Yamato survivor looking over recovered itens with "Ocean Voyager" crew.)


37 Ships signal trumpet. no mouthpiece or tassles found.

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