Eternal Story Of 'Jura'


Play Comic 1976

In August of 1976, the adult oriented periodical PLAYCOMIC, produced by Akita Shoten, presented a Space Battleship Yamato side story from Leiji Matsumoto. A unique story about Generalissimo Deslar's Daughter; "Jura" into the journey of Iscandar story. This story told of events not covered in the original telling of the story. The last episode of Space Battleship Yamato ended the series a year previous and due to ratings, future stories seemed unlikely.

Yet, there was a small fan base for the show and it's co-creator, Leiji Matsumoto. The artist penned the work to satisfy the fans that were calling for more Yamato.

Big Comic Book 1977

A year later on June 1st, 1977, Another publication produced by Akita Shoten, and rather less adult; BIG COMIC BOOK, reprinted the side story to help promote the upcoming movie of the edited series release of Space Battleship Yamato in theatres.

The publication had a fold out mini poster for the movie promoting the August release date.

Mini Poster

Book 3 - Sun Comics

With the release of PART III of Leiji Matsumoto's "Cosmoship Yamato" in April of 1980, the collection of weekly manga comics bound into book form ... The Story of 'Jura' was reprinted at the end of the book.

It even made appearances in several of the Sun Comics reprints over the years, though to many, it was not really a part of the true story.

PlayStation Game: Track of Heroes

In August of 2000, the follow up to the PlayStation games "Space Battleship Yamato" and 'Saraba Space Battleship Yamato" was a game titled; "Tracks of Heroes".

Called "The Fan Disc", this had game elements that were based on the "Eternal Story Of Jura" side story. Jura and Her Mother both were characters as you played to get Yamato to Iscandar.

Jura Translations

Begin ...

In 2007, John Davidson, creator of the "SBUNCUT PROJECT", began working on translating this work to present to Yamato / Star Blazers fans everywhere. Inspired by the PlayStation "Fan Disc", John began to translate the work.

Wanting to share this work, and not sure how, John was again inspired by 'Ken Burns' style of story telling of a fellow YOUTUBE member's presentation of Tim Eldred's - Star Blazers REBIRTH. is proud to present "The Eternal Story of Jura"! This version is the original Yamato version, but if you'd like to see a 'Star Blazers' version and presented in a more traditional method, our friends at have a completed version ready to view.