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JAN / JUN 2008 宇宙戦艦ヤマト ニュース

Mechanical Collection
Part 4


Tohoku has announced the Space Battleship Yamato Mechanical Collection Number Four, to be available for sale this March. No release date announced. This collection features the Gamilas Naval fleet of the first series, plus the Space Battleship Yamato and three specialized craft.

Featured in this collection; The Space Battleship Yamato, Type-100 Scout plane, Search Boat and Seamless Fighter Plane. The Gamilas Navy consists of Reflex Satellites (x2) and Reflex gun, Deslar's warship with Gamilus Carrier Fighter, Shultz's Warship, High Speed destroyer(x3), Attack Cruiser(x3), Cabin Cruiser (x3), Deslar Attack Carrier and a secret extra craft.

Figurines will be pre-painted with minimal assembly required.

Mechanic Collection Part IV

Mechanic Collection Part IV
Box image is proto-type, actual box may differ.

Mechanic Collection Part IV

Mechanic Collection Part IV

HD-DVD SERIES ONE BOX SET With 1/500 Injection Yamato Kit
01.21.2008 UPDATE


To be released 02.22.08 in honer of the 30th Anniversary, a Limited Edition Space Battleship Yamato TV HD-DVD BOX SET. The first TV work that builds up the monument in the history of a Japanese SF animated cartoon using the 35mm negative in telecine with HD Remaster. The TV version 'Space battleship Yamato' from Yoshinobu Nishizaki producer, is supervised into the 21st century standard

Bundled with the DVD is a newly built type injection of the Space Battleship Yamato, animation cells, gift card and liner notes.

- Box set details;
• Code BDOT-0034
• Retail price 44,100 YEN
• Supervisor: Reiji Matsumoto
• Form: Color, Dolby, Limited Edition
• Region code:Region 2
Must have multi regional DVD player to view.
• Screen size: 1.33:1
• The number of sheets of disk: 7
• SalesBandai visual
• DVD release date: 2008/02/22
• Time:624 minutes
Retail cost will be about $271.00 (USD)

1/500 Injection Kit


ENAGIO Website

The ENAGIO website that Yoshinobu Nishizaki was promoting his 60 million yen SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO REBIRTH project back in 2001, has seemingly come back to life online.

Previously the website was written in basic HTML, and over the years seemed neglected without updates. Recently, the website now sports a new high tech look built in Macromedia. Further, the design is reminiscent of Nishizaki's YAMATO 2520 with Syd Mead influence.

The information about the REBIRTH project is still there, but in a new format. Is this a sign or a clue that REBIRTH is still in our future?

Check it out for here:

Matsumoto Cartoon Museum:
To Open 2009


The Northern city of Kyushu is working with artists including Leiji Matsumoto of Galaxy Express 999, to open the cartoon museum by 2009. The museum will have many features with a "see", "read" and "Draw" as the theme along with cartoonist classrooms and exchange events with other cartoonists.

An external advisory committee of the city of Kyushu as been set up and reporst that cartoon fans will be able to expand their knowledge and introduce the charms of cartoons to others.

The structure is estimated at about 18,000 square meters, and will include a shopping mall and library. The official name for the museum will be decided on in the near future.

Cartoon Museum Rendering
Artist rendition of cartoon museum.

DESLAR WINE [Limited Edition]

Deslar Wine Set

For the 30th Anniversary of Space Battleship Yamato, to be released February 20th, 2008 …
Generalissimo Deslar’s Wine Set.

The full body wine is a limited edition Chateau Margaux.

The image of the bundle is likely to change as this is a non-production image. The Glass is Italian crystal with a sand blasted image. Along with the bundle, and what has caught my eye is the special service medal that Deslar gave Domoru (lysis). A full sized replica of the order of Deslar medal is included is made of weighted metal and fabric and is suitable to wear.

Retail cost will be about $125.00 (USD)

Deslar Wine Set



LaLaBit Market, the Japanese online retailer maintained by Bandai Networks, announced that it is offering a regulation motorcycle helmet based on the lead character's fighter helmet in the classic Space Battleship Yamato series.

The Space Battleship Yamato Bike Helmet Type Cosmo-Zero recreates Kodai's helmet to mark the 30th anniversary of the franchise's first movie. LaLaBit is accepting preorders for 13,650 yen (about US$119.29) until February 20, and will ship the helmet at the end of March. The regulation motorcycle helmet comes with a visor shield, an Earth Defense Forces helmet bag, and a clip with the logo from the uniform of the battleship's Captain Okita.

The one pictured is what is currently in development and not yet the final product.
Sold only in Japan
Production will be limited.

Isao Sasaki 45th Anniversary CD collection

New CD due out July 1st, 2008

45th Anniversary
Milky Way Railroad
Best Collection CD

Announced on the ISAO SASAKI WEBSITE his latest CD compilation to be relased this summer, the 45th Anniversary Milky Way BEST CD.

Tracks include songs from Space Battleship Yamato, Casshern, Go Ranger, Dangard Ace, Science Ninja Team Gatchaman, Galaxy Express 999, Metalder, Ultra Man and many more. A total of twenty five songs fill the single CD album.

Label: Nippon Columbia Co. Ltd.
Run Time: 78 Minutes